5 Shocking ‘Catfish’ Video Calls That Left Everyone Shook | Ranked: Catfish

5 Shocking ‘Catfish’ Video Calls That Left Everyone Shook | Ranked: Catfish

– How are you and how is
everything going with Lara? – Yeah, it didn’t work out, it. – What? – Yeah. – No! – What do you mean it didn’t work out? – [Tristyn] It was great at first. (dramatic music) – No, no, no. Shut the (beep) up. Oh my God. – [Kamie] Hey. – Hey how’s it goin’? – Nev.
– Vance. – Good to meet ya. – Kamie.
– Hey, nice to meet ya. – Nice to meet you too. – Wow. – Well, let’s let her
come out when she’s ready. Well, thanks for showin’ up. – Not a problem. Said I’d make it happen. – [Nev] You did. – [Kamie] We’re happy you’re here. – Yeah. I got so many questions
but I wanted Rachael to hear everything so
whenever you’re ready. We’re waitin’. – Should I walk her over? – Yeah, maybe. – [Rachael] I’m like so stuck right now. I can’t even think. – It’s time to boss up. Let’s get it together. You owe it to yourself. You wanna know. You can do it. – Oh my God. I feel sick to my stomach. – Well, if ya throw up,
I’ll catch it for ya. – [Rachael] Oh my god. – All right, why don’t ya say hello. – [Kamie] Rachael. – Rachael. – [Kamie] Vance. – Oh my god. – What’s going on? This is real. – He’s here. He came a long way. It’s been a long time. – Wow. – Everything you’ve told her
this whole time has been true? – Yep. – Either your phones have been broken or you haven’t had a place or you’ve been in between work or you just haven’t had
money to come visit, that’s all legit? – That’s all legit. – But I mean the funds
were never really an issue ’cause I’ve offered. – You did on the funds but still what about like the ID, it’s not that easy. – But I mean you need to have an ID. – I don’t have a lotta things. – What about the times I
tried to come out there? – And did you come? You can’t blame me for
something that you didn’t do. – It’s not as easy for me just to pack up and just come. Like, I have to plan out childcare. – But like you spoke that. – He’s saying that he
felt like you sort of would bring it up but never
really follow through. – It never went past oh
yeah, well I can come there and then it was never
really talked about again. – This is the moment you
both have been waiting for for over a decade. – It’s not that I’m not happy to see him. Like, I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how I’m feeling right now. Like, it’s just a lot. – He’s here and there’s no
big, crazy, messed up secret. This is the guy you’ve been
talking to for a long time and he came here to see you. Doesn’t have to all be happy, butterflies and rainbows but like can there
be a little bit of relief? I feel like maybe we need to just like. – Hug it out? – Just stand in front
of him and look at him. He’s here, he wants to look at you, you wanna look at him. Just look at each other and acknowledge that like wow here we are. I mean. – I don’t even want a handshake. – [Vance] Nevermind, gimme a hug. – Yeah, yeah, there we go. – [Vance] It’s about time. (upbeat music) – [Kamie] Hey! – Hey! What’s up, Rachael? What’s up with you and Vance? – Uh oh. – I mean, we were talkin’ a little bit and he was just acting super weird. I was just like I’m not gonna sit here and I’m not gonna keep
like trying to beg you to be in my life. – So sorry. It felt like there was some optimism in that maybe he was gonna
get his act together. – No, right after we saw each other he had asked me to like send him money so he, and I was like no. – I mean, I was bummed but
them once you said that, I’m like, I’m over it. – Right, I don’t wanna have to take care of another person. Like, I just had to like snap out of it. – Good for you, girl. You seem like freer. – Yeah, now I can like get myself together and move on and not have that what if in the back of me head. – Is this a blip? – [Nev] They’re stopping. Oh. – Wait. – [Nev] Is that them? – [Chelsea] Yeah. That’s some bull(beep). – Hey Chelsea. (peaceful music) I’m real. – [Nev] Hey, Nev. – Lennie. – [Nev] Tallulah. – [Tallulah] Hi! – Well, welcome. We’re all a little surprised. – Why? – I think there were some
things that might’ve seemed like maybe it wasn’t gonna
be you comin’ outta the car. – Like what? – You never FaceTimed. – Yeah, I mean, just kinda hard
with my schedule, you know? I have like, you know,
two different jobs and. – I know but a five minute FaceTime. – Yeah. – I think you’re
communicating something more by not doing it than just
by okay hey what’s up, I’m a real person. – I guess, yeah. – I have a busy schedule too, like, I do like two jobs
plus my apprenticeship. – Yeah. – You made a sort of allusion to there being something
that you were concerned or maybe like insecure or uncertain about. Is there something that
Chelsea doesn’t know? – No, it’s just, I mean. She has seen me on TV, you know, like she has that understanding of me. – Yeah but, like, I never
like had this idea of you that you had to meet this
expectation or anything. – I’m just kinda concerned with, you know, like how you picture me in
your head versus reality. – Yeah. – Where are you with your
feelings towards Chelsea? You guys have obviously
talked about being together and maybe starting a
family and you’re an adult. – Like moving to Utah and having kids. – [Nev] Right, visiting. – And getting married. – There’s some big words. – I’ve never said that to somebody. Like it’s just kind of. That’s major, you know? You don’t just say those things. – I mean, you know, it’s kinda
like a long distance thing. Flights are kind of expensive. I wanted to save up. That’s kind of what I’m doing right now. I’m workin’ like two jobs, you know, so I could possibly see her. – But you knew plane
tickets were expensive when you said I wanna come see you like. I can’t tell if you
really wanna make it work or if you kinda like that it can’t work and it’s sort of nice
that it’s far enough away that like you can have it
but not have to do too much. – If it were possible for
us to have a relationship, like I would totally be down. It’s just, you know the struggle of, you know, living so
far away from each other. – But I think you’re jumpin’
to the end of the game. Like why didn’t you ever
draw her back, you know? She did one for you. – Well, actually I made one
about six months ago for her. But then I brought my
wrong notebook today. – Cool. (upbeat music) – [Chelsea] Oh hey. – Hey.
– Hi! – What’s up? – [Tallulah] Gonna need
like a full play by play. – I’ve been talking to Lennie
pretty much every single day. – Really? – It’s like crazy ’cause like
everything’s so different. – [Tallulah] Wow. – Wow. – Just kinda seemed like that wasn’t where you fell within
kinda that direction. – Yeah, but he definitely like reflected on everything and then
he started the actual, like, attempts, makin’ things works. He really expressed himself emotionally and takin’ things more seriously. – [Nev] Wow, I did not see that coming. – So is he your boyfriend? – Yes. (Tallulah squeals) – Just makes me really happy to know that everything worked out for the best. – Yep. – Bye.
– Bye. – [Tallulah And Nev] Hey! – We just spoke to
Chelsea and we’re shocked. – Yeah, I’m actually planning
on going up to see her. Probably within the next month. – Did something change for
you after seeing her in person and like meeting her? – It was such a strange, you
know, situation to be in. I don’t know. I feel like I didn’t express
how much I cared about her, you know, and I was kind of a little shy. You know, and now I’m actually
tryin’ to put for the effort into actually creating
a relationship with her. (suspenseful music) – Oh (beep). – Hey. – Hey. – [Lara] Nice to finally meet you. – [Nev] Aw, all right. – This is like crazy. This is a lot more awkward than. – [Lara] Yeah, it’s super weird. – Than I thought it would be. – Oh gosh I’m so nervous. – I have some questions. Are you datin’ someone? – No. – Did your car like really
break down on Valentine’s Day? I kinda figured. What was the reason, like? – I was scared. Like Valentine’s Day was
like super couple day and it’s like. I don’t know, I kinda felt
like it was super official and I’m just nervous. – When we asked like what’s
been holding you back all this time? You, you know, you said basically that you’re just really
nervous about meeting and pursuing a relationship. – I’m sorry it had to
come all the way to this. I mean, I’m just like, I’m way out of my comfort zone right now. – Yeah, me too. – [Lara] This is a lot. – But I want this to be official, like, I can’t keep asking you to hang out and you saying, like
making up excuses, like. I can’t keep doin’ that. – Yeah. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done it. – I wanna make sure that you’re willin’ to give the same effort. – I’m ready. I mean, I want you in my life. You’re cool and real, I’m glad. – This is a great start. You met, she does like you. Doesn’t have a boyfriend. You have today to like
finally just get over all of the mystery and awkwardness. Do you guys wanna just go back inside and hang out and a bit warmer. – [Lara] Make out? Just kidding. – Easy. Yeah, go inside and
continue this love fest. – I love love so much. Budding love. – I’m glad we met. I’m sorry I made you wait and
made you got through all this. – You just didn’t wanna FaceTime? – I’m just scared.
– Why didn’t you just tell me? – I’m shy. – Like you coulda just been like. – ‘Cause I didn’t want you to not like me or think I was weird. – You are weird. – I know. I don’t want you to know that though. – I know that like you get nervous and we can work with it. I understand how you get nervous ’cause I feel that too. I get nervous a lot. I really do get it. – [Lara] What are you doin’ later? – I don’t know, just
like chillin’ I guess. I don’t really have plans. – In case you wanted to hang out without. – I mean, yeah, we can go somewhere. (upbeat music) Hey. – New hair!
– Look at this guy! Whoa, new hair, well, yeah it cleaned up. – Both of you. – [Tristyn] Yeah, you too. – How are you and how is
everything going with Lara? – Yeah, it didn’t work out, it. – What? – Yeah. – No! – What do you mean it didn’t work out? – It was great at first. Like, we spent probably that
next like couple days together and it just, it just didn’t work out and then there’s just like no trust and. – There’s issues with trust
on your part or on her part? – Both. – [Nev] Maybe she’s not
the relationship type. – No. – Are you okay? – I’m like sad about it but
at the same time I’ll be okay. I mean, I’ll be fine. – [Nev] Harriet, I presume. – [Harriet] Yeah. – Nev, how are ya?
– Hi. – [Max] Hi, I’m Max. – This is Max.
– Hi, I’m Harriet. – [Max] Nice to meet you. – Hi, I’m Harriet.
– This is Spencer. – Spencer. – Hi. Right, yeah, Amy told you
guys were here so you know. – So you’ve been talking to Spencer for the last six years? – I have. – [Nev] You don’t know Katy Perry? – No. – Anything to say to me? – No. I’m sorry I guess. – It’s not the kinda thing
you guess you’re sorry about, I mean, it seems like. – [Harriet] No, yeah, no. – An understatement. – [Harriet] Yeah (laughs). – Forgive me but is there
anything about this situation that you find humorous? – No, I don’t think it’s like funny. – He said that you had to be Katy because you knew so much about her life and all these details. – Well, I was like a
really big fan of hers so it was kinda stuff I
knew from being a fan. – I was checking everything. – Well, yeah, I kinda just was kinda really obsessed with her. – Six year of Googling Katy, where she’s at, what she’s doing, what she likes. – Well, it was kinda me though. – Six years, like, this is
the first time us meeting I feel like more excitement maybe, more. – You would feel it? – From her.
– Right. – Towards me. Where did we meet again? – On the app, yeah. – It’s not her. – Who else could it be? – I mean, really Katy. – You can’t possibly think
it’s still Katy Perry. – I do. – Okay, so.
– Whoa. – Do you wanna, I mean. Can you just pop his bubble for a second and tell him that he has not
been talking to Katy Perry? – Is there something you can tell him that might ring true? – Your middle name’s Ray. You dressed as that hot
sauce for Halloween. – What’s the name of our
kids that we talked about? – It was Leica, Luca, something else. Started with a L probably. – It’s not her. – What do you mean? – It’s not her. – Why, did she get the names wrong? – No, she got the first two names right. – [Nev] She doesn’t remember things. – Oh, it was Boss. – [Nev] As much as you do. – Dude, I’m sorry man.
– This is not. – If she remembered.
– You’re not getting punked right now. – [Harriet] It was Boss, it was Boss. – There is no, this is it. – I think that Katy would get a kick out of me getting punked a little bit. This might be a little bit part of that. – So Katy Perry and Harriet conspired to bring you here? – I mean, I got some details that were pretty important wrong so. – ‘Cause she doesn’t care.
– They weren’t important details to her.
– Right, ’cause she didn’t care that much. Which is maybe harder to accept. – We found the person
you’ve been talking to. Beyond really any shred of doubt and you still want to believe the thing that makes you happier. You need to know that you’re
not talking to Katy Perry and you need to start thinking about other people’s feelings. The fact that this is
the actual human being as weird and crazy as he might be, has a heart.
– Yeah. – And was giving it to
you, 100%, for six years of his life. For both of you, there’s
some self reflection that needs to happen. So why don’t we get outta here. Potentially meeting you tomorrow, that’s very doable right? – [Harriet] Yep. – Scale of one to 10 how confident are you that you’re talking Katy Perry? – We’ll go with a nine. – [Max] Well, at least
it’s down from a 10. (Skype trilling) – Hello. – Hey, Spencer!
– Hey! There he is. – How we doin’? – [Nev] Great, man. – Spencer, on a scale of one to 10, how sure are you that you
were talking to Katy Perry? – Zero. – He’s cured. – I think I’m stronger now for it. You know, I’m maybe try
not to be so gullible. – Have you had any
communication with Harriet? – Nothin’. – Wow, nothing? – I’ve tried, I’ve sent a couple emails. – Oh so you’ve tried and
she hasn’t responded? – Nothin’. – [Max] Damn. – Yeah, that is weird. – All right buddy, we’re
gonna call Harriet right now and see why she isn’t responding. – Okay, sounds good man. Appreciate it. – Later man. Harriet! – How, how are you? – Good. How are you feeling after
everything that went down? – Pretty good. I thought about it a lot after. – So you got some emails from Spencer? – Yeah, it wasn’t what I expected. – What were they? – Kinda just about how
he met a girl in England and he was confused as to
why he didn’t meet Katy and then he said like
I love you and stuff. – Wait, wait, wait, wait,
so Spencer sent an email to your Katy Perry email address telling Katy perry that he
came to England and met you. – Yeah, yeah, I mean. – [Nev] We gotta call Spencer back. – Bye Harriet. – Bye. All right, call Spencer. Spencer, we just spoke to Harriet. – Okay? – She told us you sent some
emails describing your trip to England, meeting Harriet as if Harriet wasn’t the
girl you were sending the emails to. – I was still doin’ some investigating. You guys were done. – So you just wanted to be 200% sure that Katy wasn’t really behind all this? – Yeah. – But now are you sure? – Yeah, I mean, it’s a couple days after I returned so. – All right, well look man. We just wanna make sure
that there’s no more doubt and that you really do get it. – [Spencer] Yeah. – There is no Katy Perry
in this whole scenario. – [Spencer] Yeah, everybody knows that. – Well, that’s good to hear. – Spencer, man, you are
one of our favorite people we’ve ever had on the show. – Thanks, man. – Be good and. – Party on.
– Party on. All right, later dude. (suspenseful music) – Jaquan in real life is supposed to be in a relationship with Aaliyah. When you’re out and about
and somebody were to ask you, do you have a girlfriend? Do you say yes? – Would I say yes if
somebody were to ask me if I had a girlfriend? – If you gotta think about it, it’s fine. – Yes. Because I really do love the girl. Don’t get me wrong, like I really don’t show
my feelin’s until I know like it’s genuine. Like I’m scared to get my heart broken if that makes sense. (emotional music) Like, I can’t, like when
I wanted to be there, I can’t do that on my own like
that was a big step for me. I was kind of nervous and
I’m insecure in person. Like, I know, I like, I can’t do that. – He’s like shy, it’s cute. – [Kamie] But, okay, Aalyiah, talk to me. Come on girlfriend. – It’s hard, like when you somebody for the first time, you know? It’s like hard not to like give in. – So you’re into it? – [Aalyiah] Yeah, I am. – Just from knowing you
for the past few days. You do a lot to make
other people feel loved and wanna give, give, give, give, give, but like how much love are you getting? You’re giving all of it. But what are you getting back? I personally don’t think that he would’ve ever
actually met up with you. – [Aalyiah] Me either. – If it wasn’t for this.
– For this. But I don’t know I could see
like the more he was talkin’, he was like, this was hard for him. I don’t know, like, I love him so it’s like more than that. I don’t know, it’s crazy. – From the conversations
you guys have had, you’ve talked about wanting
to move to California and to, you know, be with her. – Yeah, I talked about movin’ to L.A. – Right, but you didn’t
imagine moving to L.A. to like be in a relationship with her? – No, but.
– Fair. – It’s like 50/50. – How serious are you? – I’m serious, right. I mean, I love the girl. I got feelin’s for her Aalyiah. I can see myself movin’ out here with her. – So you want.
– But I just wanna make sure and basically.
– To try to make this work. – Exactly.
– All right. All right, lemme just check in with them. – All right. – I’ll bring her over. I’ve been talking to
him and it sounds to me like he had things he wants to say to you. So why don’t we just let them talk and we’ll just kind leave
you guys for a minute. – [Kamie] I wanna hear. – [Aalyiah] You nervous? – Heck yeah I’m nervous. Like what you wanna do for right now? Like do you wanna be with me. I mean, I wanna be with you obviously. – I do I just don’t wanna look dumb. I don’t know it’s just like
trust is kinda (beep) up. So what are you willing to
do for this relationship? – I’m tryin’ to be with you. – But like what are you willin’ to do? – Whatever you ask me to do. That’s, hey, that’s why I asked you, like what you want me to do? – Show your actions so I don’t get hurt. I can show my actions.
– I like it. – So you don’t get hurt, you know? – I like it. Would you wanna move with me to L.A.? – I feel like I’d be okay with that. – Yeah, we can live together. – Nev, they’re talking
about living together. – Yeah, good. – No, it’s not good. – So do you love me?
– I want a hug. Yes, I love you. Come here, give me a hug. ♪ Can’t believe I get to look at you ♪ – I can trust you? ♪ Every morning ♪ – [Jaquan] You know you can trust me. (upbeat music) – [Kamie] Oh wow! – Told you! Look at them, together. Where are you? – Baltimore.
– Baltimore. – Wow. – Did you move to Baltimore, Aalyiah? – [Nev] No! – Well, actually the same
day that everything was done I went with him to Baltimore. – Wait. – What? So you did move in! – Yeah. – Are you gonna just stay there
until you both move to L.A.? – Well, basically, yeah,
’til we move to L.A. – This is so nice, this never happens. (Nev cheers) – Listen, I hope it works out. I want it to work out. I want for you guys to work together but also work separately. – We’re rootin’ for ya. Take it slow. – I’m still, you guys, virgin, okay! We’re workin’ on like, you know, being better, like,
bettering ourselves together. – I’m glad. – All right.
– I like this plan. – [Nev] We’re happy for you guys. – Take care of each other. – All right cuties. – Bye! – [Nev] Bye.

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