10 Cameras Under $300 for Video!

10 Cameras Under $300 for Video!

hey guys Caleb here with these large beauty shooter if you're tired of hearing about all these new cameras that are rather expensive this is the Pheo for you we're gonna look at ten cameras under three hundred dollars quick sidenote in the description I'll link to each one of these cameras those will be affiliated so they do help out the channel if you use them at no additional cost to you if you don't want any cameras and you just want to watch the video and have a good time but still want to support the channel check out my guides over at the Academy you can learn more about filmmaking using your camera and getting the most out of it for a video with all that out of the way let's jump in today's video and talk about these ten cameras now I did have a specific criteria when I started planning this video all of the cameras were about to look at had to be at $300 or below and that had to be a normal price or a Buy It Now price on ebay I didn't want any special crazy deals to cheat if you will so all these cameras you should be able to find for 300 or less on ebay right now another criteria I had was that each of these cameras had to be able to shoot 1080p at 24 frames per second to get the most cinematic look out of them which is surprisingly difficult to find especially back in the day so all these cameras have those specs at a minimum let's go ahead and dive in and start with Sony of which there are four options on this list our very first camera is this the Sony 5 and I actually owned this when it first came out and at the time it was incredibly revolutionary I paid a little over $100 for this camera it shoots at 28 megabits a second so pretty typical for these style cameras from Sony it has an aps-c sensor which is pretty great and you'll notice here it's got a flip-up but not all the way up and out monitor so not really gonna work terribly well for vlogging and it's very very small it does not have a microphone jack but it does give you an HDMI feed albeit not clean but you can use a monitor with it and that's how I used it back in the day this was a really popular camera when it first came out it also has some great little video features like a focus peaking which is really handy and that was pretty revolutionary back in the day when all we had was canned Salar so a great little camera it does have some issues including overheating so if you're gonna be shooting more than small clips you might run into some issues there I know I did back in the day and the video quality isn't the best of our whole list here but this is one of the most affordable cameras on the list so it's a great little camera if you want to run around and capture some video our next camera is the sony a5100 level vlogging camera now this thing I paid around one hundred and eighty five dollars I believe for and very very similar it's just we're getting a couple updates the flip out screen a better screen a new UI which is familiar to those of you who shot with the a 6300 it's a great little camera and I've actually done a video on it so if you want to learn more about this camera check out that video and I talked about using it for vlogging and things like that our next camera is also a Sony and it is the a 5100 which was an update to the camera which just talked about the a 5000 but it's been updated so it's much higher quality and unlike all the previous cameras this camera actually has X AVC s as a codec option which is so much better than AVC HD so a great little camera even today if you're using it for stills or video it's a wonderful little 1080p camera you can shoot up to 1080p 60 like the other Sony cameras it is just gonna be a better all-around highest quality Sony option on this list so awesome little camera highly recommend checking it out but do keep in mind it's at the top of our price pile at 299 dollars which is what I spent on this one our next camera once again is a Sony and we're taking a slight step back and looking at the N ex6 now this camera is older than the a 5100 we just looked at but it gives you a different body style so a little more beefed up its going to overheat less and then we have an e VF so if you need to be shooting outdoors you can now do that without using the screen it has the really terrible flip up but not all the way front-facing MA we've seen these with current Sony cameras except for the a 6400 but I digress and it's pretty much identical in all ways to the a five thousand and five and so we're going back to AVCHD but it is a little more affordable I got mine for a hundred and ninety bucks so pretty good for under two hundred bucks so that's gonna wrap up sony cameras now we're moving over to canon land and we're going to start with the famous AOS m from canon i've owned several of these cameras or in the past and they're phenomenal this camera is one of the cheapest on the list i got mine for a hundred and forty five dollars you get different colors how fun and it has an aps-c sensor I would definitely recommend picking up an EF adapter like this cheap one I have here so you can use really any lens on the camera and you're really not going to go wrong with this camera I've done a video on it and a couple little rig set ups and some budget-friendly lenses so I'd recommend you check that out if you're getting started and really want to maximize shooting video on this guy now we are kind of taking a step back when it comes to some video specs compared to some of the Sony cameras we're only able to shoot up to 1080p 30 frames per second but the color is amazing on this camera compared to those older Sony's and you are able to install magic lantern which is a really great hack and gives you a ton of flexibility with this tiny little camera so definitely want to consider very small no flip up screen at all it's fixed on the back so that's a big bummer but you can use HDMI to get a different angle while this camera doesn't have any assist features unless you hack it it does have a microphone jack which is pretty rare on this list I think there's only two or three cameras that actually have that and this one has one so really nice little feature and a solid little camera next up we have another canon camera and this is actually the only DSLR on this list and it is the famous t2 i now I will say depending on what condition you get you could potentially get up to around a t4i with a flip-out screen and better video specs for under $300 something to keep in mind but when I started this video this was the camera under $300 at the time the t2 I I got it for over 150 dollars I believe and it's a little bigger than all the rest because it's a DSLR but this thing's a trooper I mean so many of us shot with this thing back in the day when we got started so you're giving 1080p30 very similar specs to the EOS m but it's a little bigger and you know different processors stuff like that so still a contender and these things last forever so you can probably pick up a pretty beat-up one for not too much and it'll still work on eBay our next camera is a crazy famous one for independent filmmakers back in the day and that is the Panasonic gh2 this camera still has pretty decent specs if you're looking at 1080p we can shoot up to 30 frames per second and what's special about this camera is it has one of the highest data rates of all the cameras we're looking at today so you can shoot at a hundred and twenty megabits a second in 1080p at 24 frames per second which is just great if you're getting started so prices vary on this guy but you can usually find it for under two hundred and sixty bucks it has a flip-out screen it has a headphone jack I'll be at a 2.5 millimeter which is kind of weird and there's also a ton of hacks available for this cameras if you want to kind of modoch customize it to get the most out of it you can do that I will say that it feels ancient when you go into the menu system it is touch and it has a lot of features but it really looks old when you start diving into the menu so great little camera if you're really a fan of Panasonic you might as well check this guy out and you'll have a lot of fun with it Ian next up we have another Panasonic camera this is the Panasonic GX 7 now this is one of the most expensive cameras on this list I got mine for 290 it's also one of the most advanced and best video quality cameras of the list here so we can record up to 1080p 60 unfortunately in AVC HD there is no microphone jack and there is no HDMI display when shooting with video so keep that in mind it does have some really cool features when it comes to the body first of all it just looks great it's got a really cool silver and black color scheme unless you go with the all-black unfortunately only halfway flipping up screen but it's very very sturdy it's got a ton of knobs and dials on it which I love and then a cool party piece if you shoot video the EVF which this camera has actually tilts up so you can see here you can essentially look straight down at the camera zvf and get some low angles which is really really handy if your outdoor in the Sun so it's a great looking camera with really respectable video specs for a hundred three hundred bucks our last two cameras are gonna get pretty weird so stay with me the first is going to be the Samsung nx2000 now I'll say right away there's also an NX 1000 and older version and they're pretty similar it's just this one has a massive touch screen and almost everything is touch whereas the NX 1000 is a little older and has more buttons on it now this camera people are either going to love or hate it won't shoot as good video as the other cameras although it does do up to 1080p quote-unquote at 30 frames per second the data rate is really low at 12 megabits a second but what I love about this camera is two things number one it just feels great and it's really fun to shoot stills with the second thing is that it is the most fun to shoot video with from a shooting experience so if I turn it on here we'll notice on the back of the camera there's a massive display which is awesome and much larger than most cameras and when you shoot video specifically 1080p at 24 frames per second it actually will shoot it at a different resolution but it's widescreen so 1920 by I believe 810 and that looks so fun when you're filming and even when you get the footage in in post it's a lot of fun and it looks really really good so if you just want to knock around camera that is going to be fun to shoot with and gives you kind of a cinematic look out of the camera this is a great one to consider it does require mostly touch to change your settings it has a micro SD instead of SD card slot there is no HDMI out but it's a lot of fun and I really enjoyed using this camera our next camera is a very odd one but I've really had fun with it and it's a little more specialty and that is the Pentax Q s the first thing you'll notice is how absolutely tiny this camera is I mean there's almost nothing to it and the sensor on this is even smaller it sports a miniscule seven point four four by five five eight millimeter sensor here's what that looks like when you compare it to thirty five-millimeter and if you're a crop kind of guy this will give you a five point six times crop compared to full-frame now why would I put this camera on this list well one of the reasons is how adorable it is and small it is you can literally stick this in your pocket and walk around take some photos it does shoot raw it's a great little stills camera and because of that small sensor you can use some really interesting lenses for video we'll come back to that here in a second it does shoot 1080p at 30 frames per second but this video quality really isn't much to write home about but it can do 1080p but going back to that sensor size you'll notice I have a really weird looking lens on the camera right now this is actually an eight millimeter film camera lens on this camera it's one of the only cameras that can actually shoot with these lenses so you can buy an old film camera take the lenses off and put them on this camera and shoot stills and shoot video if you want a really retro look right out of the camera you can actually shoot in the VGA mode on this camera and with these lenses and all the fun film filter looks that you can assign to this slick little dial here you can get an amazing eight millimeter film look right off of this camera you're definitely not going to get the best video quality out of this compared to the other cameras but it's one of the most fun to shoot on and if you enjoy lenses and vintage stuff you're gonna love this thing eight millimeter lenses or seamount sixteen millimeter lenses pair wonderfully with this thing and it's just a fantastic combination so those are all the cameras that I found under $300 to recap things very quickly the pentek's auto tent is awesome for using tiny lenses and getting really unique looks and shooting raw Stills but not the best by any means for video quality same with the Samsung nx2000 it's lots of fun to shoot on but you're not going to get high quality video off of it in Canon land we looked at the EOS m and the t2 I both are going to give you good-looking 1080p a little soft not as many features compared to the other cameras but still phenomenal in today's market and you can hack them with magic lantern the Panasonic gh2 is a great indie filmmaker camera if you're really into high quality video for almost nothing and the gx7 is one of the most well rounded of all the cameras we looked at when it comes to quality having all these features that are really handy when shooting video and it looks awesome and finally in Sony land there's a lot of options under $300 in short they're all very similar and they all shoot 1080p 60 but I would recommend trying to go for that 850 100 for the highest video quality possible but if you need the EVF the NEX six is also a good option that wraps up this video check out the links in the description if you want to learn more about these cameras or find them on ebay that does support me since those are affiliated and if you think there is a camera that I miss that should have been on this list let me know I love to hear about that or really any camera that maybe you started with back in the day that we can recommend to other people down in the comments that's gonna wrap this one up thank you guys so much for watching we'll see you in the next video you

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  1. i use my phone to make phone calls, i use my DSLR to take pictures, and use my video camera for video, why compromise…. use gear made for what you use it for….

  2. I took NEX-7 with 18-55 3.5-5.3 for 240 EUR ~270$ 2 years ago in a local pawn shop. I still use it with my gimble to shoot weddings. The main camera is a NEX-VG30(i use it 6 years).

  3. Hello! I'm wondering which camera would be best to stream with… I plan to buy a camera to use for streaming, video updates and vlogs, and even selfies. I don't need fancy features, I just want a camera that has a clean HDMI stream, can hook up to a charger while streaming, and has 1080p/high FPS and auto focus. I'll watch this video a few more times but it's a lot to take in!

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