ПРЕДИЗВИКАТЕЛСТВО: Снимано с КАМЕРА или СМАРТФОН? Открийте разликите! (2500$ Camera VS 400$ Phone)

Two meters distance Hello Friends, I am happy to see you back in my channel. I hope you are doing well, considering the epidemic spreading around the globe… well, the pandemic, I mean. A lot of you spend most of their time at home, so do I. However, I take advantage of the nice weather to walk Joy, yet avoiding any social contact. The idea is to take control over the situation, as much as it allows. But let’s not turn this into another coronavirus video where we talk conspiracies how dangerous (or not) it is and how it is USA’s or China’s fault and how a Thrid World War is coming. This time I am about to challenge you. I’ll make the same photos both with my smartphone and my camera and I’m wondering whether you will guess the ones shot with a professional camera and the ones with this gadget. But before we start, let’s play the intro! Step Number 1 – hygiene. Here we are back in the studio. I made a few simple shots with the smartphone and the camera and now let’s see if you are going to give correct answers. To spice up the challenge, here is Mery, who is also a part of the task. Let’s see if she and her photography eye are going to spot the differences and guess all the photos. Hristo: Mery, are you ready for today’s challenge? Mery: I just want to say that I have 0 idea what these photos are and what this video is all about. A few hours earlier he just left and said “I’ll make a vlog and you’ll participate” … I really don’t know what he has captured. Hristo: So, let me explain the concept to you. I went out… I made a the same shots with my camera and my phone. The idea is to guess which ones of all the images were made with the phone/camera. Mery: What do you mean by “which ones of all the images”? Hristo: Every photo consists of two images: one side is shot with a camera and the opposite side is shot by a phone. The idea is for you to guess…
Mery: Yea, OK. I got it. Hristo: Let’s start with the first shot. Mery: So, at first sight I can tell that… oh no Hristo: It’s not that easy. Mery: I was about to say that the right one is shot by the camera as its colors seem to be compressed and more saturated. But I can also see the wider angle on the right one, therefore I guess it has been shot by a wide-angle lens. Hristo: Is it?
Mery: Yes. The Huaweii can’t fit so much space in the image. I think the right one was shot with the Lumix. Hristo: Correct!!! You are right. However, this left photo was shot on a wide-angle mode (phone lens). Mery: And still… don’t underestimate wide-angle lenses. Next one Hristo: This might be the easiest to figure out the answer. Mery: YES (confident yes). The right one was shot with the camera. The left one with the phone because of the blue flair that the current phone settings have compressed. Hristo: Well, the blue flair comes from THIS LENS over there. Because of the ND+UV filter in front. If I have removed it (as I am using one filter for both), we could have had the same effect. Left one is with the camera, right one is with the phone. WRONG. Hristo: This must be easier.
Mery: Yes, this is simple. In artificial light at home, smartphone colors look warmer and more yellowish because of the white balance that you once have set. While raw files on a professional camera, lights seem … Hristo: Just give me the answer
Mery: So, left one is SMARTPHONE, right one is CAMERA Hristo: WRONG Mery: It’s not trueeeee Hristo: Next Mery: JOYSTEEEEER Hristo: Joy was a superb model, she was so calm while posing… Mery: Damn, she is so beautiful. My guess is that the left one is shot with the camera because the depth of field is more accurate accurate – you have the focus on the shortest focus distance on her body (chest and face). The right one is phone because of this wide area of sharpness around her body that shouldn’t be on focus. Hristo: Are you sure.
Mery: Yes, I think left one is taken with the camera. Hristo: Your answer is correct. Mery: The right one is with the phone because of the weird retouch on your face… maybe you have turned on one of these… what are they called? Beauty selfie mode, the one that all of those ‘selfie girls’ post on social media 😀 You look extremely unnatural, so my guess is that the right one was taken with your phone. 1000%. Hristo: Correct. And we have only one left, don’t be too enthusiastic. Mery: Am I allowed to zoom-in? Hristo: No. Let’s see how… Mery: Wait, wait, wait. Let me think first. This one is really difficult. Hristo: This is why I left it for the end. I’ll give you a hint. Mery: What to pay attention for, right? Okay. Hristo: When you shoot on a smartphone, the post processing is always very hard. It adds some extra texture and contrast. Mery: Have you edited these?
Hristo: No, everything comes straight out of camera. Well, you know that my camera settings are generally flat, which means sharpness and contrast are low, so I can have more freedom in post-production. If this is going to help you… Mery: Left one is with the camera, colors look flatter to me. Right one is with your smartphone. Hristo: What a loser. I think I just gave you a nice hint. You can spot the defocus here, how natural it is, while the left one is super sharp, because… Mery. No, I didn’t spot this. I think people will be pretty confused with this one. Hristo: Well… 3 correct and 3 wrong answers. So, dear friends, I hope the challenge was fun. Share with me in the comments how many of the photos have you guessed, subscribe to the channel and we will meet soon in the next video. BYEEEE

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