Последняя Роль Риты / Rita’s Final Role. Фильм. StarMedia. Фильмы о Любви. Мелодрама

Последняя Роль Риты / Rita’s Final Role. Фильм. StarMedia. Фильмы о Любви. Мелодрама

STAR MEDIA presents OLGA SUMSKAYA ALEKSANDAR KOBZAR NATALYA DOLIA Rita, how long? ALEKSEY BOGDANOVICH Soon. OLGA VOLKOVA LESIA SAMAYEVA DMITRY SURZHIKOV LIUBAVA GRESHNOVA Wery well! Now serious. Real queen! in RITA’S LAST ROLE Guys, we work now. Go, go, go… Now deeper in the chair. Right.
Now eyes. Smile. Now freeze. Written by EDUARD REZNIK
with NATALIA SHIMBORETSKAYA Don’t you find it somehow foolish? In this picture I wear a red scarf
against the green sofa… I don’t care. Well, I take Yerofeyev.
Vania, come here. Be quick. Producer: GALINA BALAN-TIMKINA Chief producers: NATALIA BILAN,
VLAD RYASHIN Stand here. Is my Mom coming? Yes, she is. She may even take you
with her for the weekend. Hurah! Tatyana Yuryevna! Coming! Stay here and wait for me.
I’ll be right back. May I? Excuse me, could you let me in?
I’m being late to see my child. We all are late. Such a smarty–pants. Zoycha, I’m out for a smoke.
There’s no need in my being here. Go. Right. Here. Thank you. My agent is negotiating
with two studios simultaneously now. But… I’m not hungry for roles. I value images, human lives I create… Thank you. Rita, and one more question… I know you avoid this subject, but can
I ask you something as an old friend? What? You still don’t have any children,
do you? Does it somehow affect your… This subject is closed.
That’s it. I’m tired. You know, it is in vogue all around
in the world to adopt children… You choose one you like
the most a boy or a girl, a black one of a whine one and…
And you’re a mother. By the way, a good way for self-promotion. Enough! Are you finished? Rita, we’re being late. If set up your mind,
can I count on an exclusive? Something’s up? No, nothing. It’s all right.
We were talking of the vogue… for children… Thank you. Why is he so mad about her?
Such a hunk dealing with this crone… He owes her a lot…
It’s beyond your comprehension. My God! Yerofeyev! Are you mad?!
Do you have a head on your shoulders?! It’s cold and raining!
Can’t you see that? Come. Thank you. Zoycha, how did it go?
What’s it with you? I’m okay, Zoya. I’ll go there alone. Wait, Zoya. Off with you! Zoya? Zoycha, what is it with you?
Wait for me! Antie, look, do I really have to be there? To be alone as a stupid goose among the men,
listening to your business talks? Rita, not alone this time.
I summoned Liuba. She’s your agent
and is supposed to be informed too. And, Rita, you should be in public
as much as possible. I am in public and no use. Why? We had two calls
with offers yesterday… Aha. Offering auditions. I’m no graduate to be audited. Rita, I’m launching the business soon… Once I have, you’ll have the leads.
Without any auditions. Look, I cannot get why you have ventured
this studio? For my talent or money? Well, of course… My pardon… Excuse me. Hallo? Yes, yes. We’re coming. I’m sorry for being late… My wife’s
photo session was longer than expected… yes, coming soon. All right, see you. “You can share happiness
with ones lacking it.” State your business. Hi. We’re here to see Tatyana Yuryevna…
We’ve got an appointment. Wait here. Why? You’re a fantastic actress.
We’re fond of you. Thank you very much. To our common cause, to our star.
To you, Rita. To you, Margarita Sergeyevna. Yes, to you. Good afternoon, we’re a bit late…
Would you exсuse us? Here are the papers… No need. You’re late. Yes… we are, but… we agreed
I could take Vania with me for the weekend. Here are the papers. The papers are not enough. Well, but you… One should be responsible
when dealing with children. And you… I went with a good grace when agreed
to let you take the child for the weekend. And now I regret. But we agreed, didn’t we? I… We agreed that you would quit drinking
and do everything to restore in your parental rights.
And I don’t see either of these now! I thought… Just look at her! She thought! Wait! How?! How you don’t see?! Look, I had spent five years
in a rehabilitation centre. And I’ve recovered. I don’t drink anymore. Come when you get sober! I’m not drunk! You’re not. But your husband is! What will the future bring to me?… That’s it! Get out of here!
Both of you. Now! Misha! I’ll call the police! No! No police! Please, don’t. He’s no husband to me. He’s no father.
He has nothing to do with it at all. Wait. Give him this at least. Please. Here… The colors, felt tips, sketchbooks…
I… I promised him to bring them. Neither husband nor father.
Why do you fuss over him? Yes, he used to be a famous actor.
But it was long ago. You’ll be real food
if you don’t drive him away. Just listen to what she’s saying! Bitch, isn’t she?
What is it with you, Zoya? It’s your fault! Zoycha, what is it with you? Why did you come with me?
I asked you to wait at the gate, didn’t I? Well, I… Didn’t I have enough of it?
Why have you come?! Leave me alone… Pass me the towel. Here. Anton does his best, showing
his face here and there. So nice of him. They are investors in the new film. And it’s I who is supposed to show
my face here and there. At least, this is what
he brought me here for. Oh, Luba, I’m so sick of it. Rita, just stop it.
Anton’s made arrangements. The investors will invest in the new movie and you can choose any new part
you wish. Any new image. Aha. My husband is the only one now
who is going to invest in my roles. All others gone. Rita, as your agent I’m not idle too.
The roles are offered; but they are often not what you wish.
Still they are offered. We’re still in. Actually, I believe your
best roles are still ahead. Maybe, he’s right
and the baby is a solution? Baby? What baby? What are you talking about? Nothing. I’m just saying… So, shall we go to show my face? Misha, do something… If they don’t give the boy to me… What can I do? I’m not even his father… Zoycha… You should quit drinking. We’ll rent a house for a couple of days
and set the net. Well, we can use the rod too.
The clue is in bait. All right, deal, see you tomorrow.
I’ll get in touch. Fishing again? Yes. Going with friends
for a couple of days. To have a rest from business. A bad day for fishing is better
than a good day in the office, you know. Anton… What? I want to adopt the child. What do you mean? Why? For us to have children. Ah. I see. A vogue for children.
Just like in Hollywood. Was it your journo pal
who gave you the idea? What does he have to do with this?
I’s my own wish. Why adopting? Do we really
need someone else’s child? Anton… Yes, I understand. You cannot bear a child.
But let this child be mine at least. We’ll find a woman, pay her
and she’ll deliver a baby for us. Want to impregnate someone? Don’t say so, Rita. I’m thinking…
it’s the best solution for both of us. You didn’t understand, Antie.
I want to ADOPT a child… To share warmness
and happiness with one lacking it. Do you understand me? You know, I was raised in an orphanage,
and no one shared anything with me. I have made myself. Do you understand?
Alone. With my own brains and hands! Then why should
I share something with someone?! Not alone, Antie. You were helped. Margarita Sergeyevna! Such a star visiting
our orphanage! I even feel exited. I feel even more exited.
I’m even feeling dizzy. Shall I call the doctor? No, it’s age. What age are you talking of? Look here. Antie, there are so many of them. These are our children.
So independent, so well–mannered. Ask about anyone, I’ll tell you. Vanie! Eh, this one? He’s so quiet. Yeah. It’s our Vanie.
He’s an artist. He draws very well. Yes, Vania is quiet and even–tempered boy. He lives here almost from the cradle. Yes, we took him from the baby house.
Vanie! Come here. Come, honey. Vania… Ivan Antonovich…
Sounds good, doesn’t it? May be… All right. Go. So what? We take him, don’t we? Be quick, she’s having a business meeting. Good afternoon, Tatyana Yuryevna… I’ve
brought the documents you told me to… Here… Know what, Yerofeyeva,
you abandoned the baby back in the maternity home, now forget him. You should have thought of it before.
And now it’s too late. But you told me… here are the papers…
I’ve collected all of them. Here’s the narcologist’s certificate,
here’s the psychologist’s. Look, here’s the paper
from the Board of Guardians; it says you must allow me
to communicate with my boy. It says you have the right to communicate
with your former child, and we have our own internal rules. So, we are not obliged
to do anything for you. Good bye. Wait! How can you say so?
I… I’m his mother. Why should you wish to become mother? Eh? Learned that the government
provides any orphan with a room to live in by his full age? What has the room to do with it? Because your papers state
that you have had no space to live in yet. WE have been raising the boy for all
these years, giving him outwear and food. And you spitted him out and left him for joy
and liquor that eventually ruined your life! And now you’ve decided
to become mother? How dare you? What can you know about my life at all? I know everything about you!! I cannot believe I will be mother soon. I’ve already accepted my fate
and couldn’t even think of it. And now a mother… Are you sure you wish this, eh? Rita, I’ve made all arrangements. You have? We can take him tomorrow. Great! Anton, leave us please. We need
to discuss some secret matters. All right, go discuss. Rita, are you sure
you want to adopt this boy? It’s going to be forever once you do it. I am. No one is going to check her. The main thing is that
we have confirmed the fact of her personal communication with the boy. Tania, you do realize it is… illegal. Just listen to me.
They have plenty of money. You’ll see that the court and the Board
of Guardians will be ready to execute the papers within the shortest
possible time. You did see her rush. She wanted a kid and was deaf
to anything else. Do sign it. Is it really so difficult for her to spend
a month to get closer to the kid? Why so much worrying? Calm down.
She’s an actress, a star! And it’s always different with them
to compare with common people. All right, it’s settled.
Come on, just sign it. Right! Done! Vanie, come in. Here we are. You can go. Come on in, sweetie. Come in. Take a seat. Vania, we would like to talk to you
as an adult. Do you mind? Right. A lady came who wants to become a mother. And she chose you. Mom Zoya?! Oh, no. She’s Rita Sergeyevna.
She’s very kind and loves kids very much. But Mom Zoya promised to come for me… How? You want to call mom a woman
who left you in maternity home… … when you were baby,
when you so much needed her. And now she promised, promised…
and what? Where’s she? Where? Not here. Gone… Gone. Because she forgot you.
And you want to call her mom after this? But she loves me and I love her. Ivan, believe me,
we only wish you the best. And the best for you is…
Margarita Sergeyevna. She will be a real mother to you. I know she feels unfamiliar to you.
But you will get accustomed to her. And she already loves you.
And you will only need to love her back. All right? Thank you very much
for your help to our foundation. Shoot, shoot. More, more. If you have other questions,
don’t hesitate to contact us. And now shoot us together. Rita, are we going? Thank you very much indeed. Thank you. I couldn’t think
it would be so fast. Don’t say so. You’re such a star.
It should be so… Yeah… Do you think the boy will
get accustomed to you? Of course. He’s so smart. And he was
so much dreaming of it. So much dreaming… He already loves you. Does he? Yeah… Thank you. Thank YOU. Thank you very much indeed. Vanie, will you remember me? Hey, everyone, keep away from the fence! How long? Almost a minute. Hurrah! I broke my record! Antie, turn it a bit down, could you?
My head’s buzzing. Here we are. Wow! Look who’s there! Vania… He’s so nice! And so clean.
Say “good night” to your parents. Good night. Good night, Antie. Ah… Well. Sweet dreams.
Go to your bed, honey. Good night. Why didn’t you say “good night”
to the boy? Eh? Do you really feel cold to him? And what am I supposed to feel? You’ve done so much
so that he could be here. You’ve executed the papers so fast. Well done indeed. I stand him for you only. So, I’m sorry. You must love him like your own child.
Just as I love him. All right. I will be saying “good morning”
and “good night” to him. Wait. Come on. Don’t be jealous. He’s my child, and you’re my love. Turn off this bullshit.
I’m really having a headache. Yeah, smile! Smile, move your
happy faces closer to each other… Well done! Well done! Some rest.
Are you tired, kid? Nope. Antie… I’ll help you. Oh, a family picture! All three of you!
This boy suits you well. No, thank you. I’m off. Meaning? You wanted it. So have fun now. Meaning? Eh… Vanie, go and play a little. Go. So, how do we look like? Great. But three of you
would be even greater. How do you find my son? – Cool.
– Really? He really is. Ritie, even those
who hate me will buy this article. Thank you for the exclusive. Thank you. You know, Volodia, thank YOU.
For your advice. I started to feel differently
when Vania appeared. Absolutely different.
As if something new rose in me. Something that I have never had before. What have you done, stinker?! – Dad, Dad, I didn’t mean it! Don’t!
– Anton! Do you realize how much it costs?!
You bastard! – Anton!
– I’m asking, do you?! – Anton, stop that now!
– Hands off!! What are you doing?! Vania! You… you wanted it! Vanie, wait! Anton! Open the gate!! Wait! Wait! Lady, are you nuts? I’m mother of Vania Yerofeyeva. Ah. Actually, we keep children
who have no mothers. Unfortunately. They told me in the Board of Guardians
that to restore my parental rights I need to visit the boy regularly
and spend time with him. And Mrs. Mamayeva… Tatyana Yuryevna wouldn’t even let me in. I’m begging you, let me see him…
at least for a minute. I’d gladly helped you…
But Vania Yerofeyev is not here already. How? What happened?! Where’s he?! Nothing. He was just … transferred. Where to?! Why?! I’m not authorized
to disclose information like this. I’ve already told you too much. Excuse me. I’m begging you, please!
If the money is needed or what… I’ll do everything.
Just tell me where he is. We keep only those children
who have no mothers. That’s it! Hallo, hi. Where are you? I’m coming. – Good morning.
– Morning. So? Please, could you move a bit? Hey out here, move forward. RITA RUDNEVA: Now I’m Happy – Good morning.
– Morning. Misha! Don’t ignore us.
Join, we’ve got some medicine. Come. Good morning. Why don’t you drink? Don’t like it? Go ahead. You go. Well, cheers! Ah, it’s really good! What he hell? Your turn. Hey, Misha, what’s up? What about me? – Yerofeyeva…
– Good morning. Late again? I’ll fine you next time.
Wait. Take your job. Ah, yes. Well, I say… – Hi, Mikhalych.
– Hi, Misha. Look, I… I’m here to see your mistress.
On a business. Will you let me in? She forbad me to let your in.
You know this. I know, Mikhalych. I know. I just… I need
to talk to her. A very important issue. You just tell this.
An important one. Will you? I’ll try. Nikolay Andreyevich? Yes? Would you have a look? What’s this? It’s a convenient
and practical children’s outwear. And it’s cheap in production. Please, have a look,
it might me of interest for our superiors. Yerofeyeva, mind your business. Lady. Thank you. We loved you so much, Markelov. God gracious, you were a real man.
So much battles there were, remember?… I cannot even believe now
I was so happy with you once. Are you happy now? Or you feel like
new impressions, just like then, eh?… You’ve always wanted more than you have. Why are you here? Why are you here, eh? Excellent coffee. You’ll have nothing stronger. They say you’ve got a child now. When did you start caring of children? You always got mad
when found out of my pregnancies. I’m talking of the boy
from the magazine Vania. Markelov, d’you feel like new impressions
too? Is it really your business? Is it a PR move? Or an action? No, I indeed adopted him.
But it’s beyond your comprehension. You have lost what remained from human
in you. Lost trough drinking, long ago. Do you know this boy is a son of my friend? Are you nuts? I have adopted
the boy who was abandoned right at the maternity home.
Tell this to your friend. That’s it, the audience is over. Rita, listen. Listen! You can take any
one else. Does it really matter for you? You must cancel this adoption.
Do you understand?! Please, have mercy, cancel it. You asked me to have mercy once.
Then, no matter what I did, no matter what treatment
I took no use! I’m sterile! Is it clear?! Don’t reproach ME!
YOU initiated those abortions! YOU! That’s it! I am the mother
of this boy! Get out! Rita. Ritie, are you okay? What? Rita… What’ the meaning of this?!
Take off your hands! Stand back!! Rita, what’s up? What did you do to her?! Nothing more could be tone to her. Son of a bitch! – Anton, leave him!
– What? I’ve brought a script for you. RITA RUDNEVA: Now I’m happy. “Now that this boy is with me I’m happy.” Just look at this! Yes, Volodia’s boor, but he’s got a really good pen.
Really good. Yeah. He did his best here. Rita, are you okay?
Shall I call the doctor. No, I’m fine. You’re my protector, aren’t you? All right. Aunt Rita? Why did you call uncle Anton protector?
Is he a sort of hero? Well, you might say so. Vanie, there was a bad guy. He burst into
our garden and wanted to attack your mom. – He did.
– You mean aunt Rita. Yes, aunt Rita. Well, yes. And uncle Anton
drove that gangster away, you see? Wow! I see. Aunt Rita, may I have
a walk out for a while? Oh no. It’s late now. No, honey. Get dressed. We all are having a walk. Hurrah! Vania, be careful! I will! Vania! Vania! Sh-sh-sh… Mom! Mommy! Mom! Hey, honey. Mommy, what took you so long?
I’ve been waiting for you. Forgive me. Hear, forgive me. Forgive me
it’s happening this way, will you? You know, aunt Rita wants to adopt me too.
But YOU are my real mom, aren’t you? Yes, sweetie, I am.
I’ll take you away from here. Look, Mom, you know,
I’ve learnt how to make a duck. Really? I’ll take you away from here. – This is for you. Like it?
– Wow! Thank you, honey. Vania? Vania, what are you doing out there? – Vanie…
– This is my Mom! Margarita Sergeyevna, see what’s going on?! What’s going on?! Antie! I’ll take your away, sure. I promise. – Who’s out there?
– What’s up?! What are you doing? I’m mot sure. There’s some woman out there… Lady, what are you doing?! Mom, don’t leave me!
I’ll take you away from here. – Mikhalych, call the police.
– Mom!! She wanted to kidnap my boy,
do you understand this?! Come on, Rita! She’s his mother;
she just wanted to return her son. But it doesn’t mean she’s a criminal. Jesus! I chose this boy indeed to protect
him against the alcoholic mother! I’m socially responsible. And one more thing,
I don’t understand why should I report you? She violated the law! That’s it. We file a suite. Break-in
to the private property to kidnap a child. You can file your report. Rita, we don’t need this publicity.
It can affect your image. Ah… Yes… You know, I’m not that monster someone
wishes to depict me. We are not reporting. But she’d better
stay away from my boy. Is it clear? Rita… Zoycha, it’s all right. We came to terms.
She didn’t file a report. But it’s understandable.
She’s not to blame for sterility. And you… You can give
a birth to another child. You’re scum. Rita… Good morning. Rita, are you okay?
Rita, watch your step. Vania, they… They are really tired.
You understand? Zoycha… No! Don’t! It’s over. Without him my life’s over. Zoycha… Zoycha… There should be some solution.
There should, hear me? What solution? Jesus… Vania, why do you have
your stuff scattered all around? What? You should put things
where they belong. – Right, I will.
– Here we are. – Hi.
– Hi everyone. – Guys, we go. Shoot.
– Missing me? Anton, not now. I have the right to rest,
at least sometimes, don’t I? We’ll be filmed together.
You wished it, didn’t you? I did. But you should have told
beforehand. Am I nobody? – I have.
– Take a close–up. When? I don’t remember.
Anyway, we’re not being filmed today. Rita… Rita, I invest in you heavily. Antie, I’m tired to see cameras watching me
from every toilet bowl. – Aunt Rita, aunt Rita!
– Leave me alone! Once I told you will be filmed,
so you will. Is it clear? – Ouch! What are you doing?!
– Vania, stop that! Vania, cut it! Just stop that, I say! Ouch!
He’s cut open my eyebrow! Vania!!! Turn off the camera!! Uncle Anton, please…
Uncle Anton, uncle Anton!… – You stay here.
– Please, don’t! Milksop!… Push in, please. Just a little bit. Careful! Could you take it please? Right. – Thank you.
– See you. Well, not bad, not bad… When did you start? Right after graduating the college. By the way,
here’s the graduation certificate and the diploma “Designer of the Year”. But, to be frank, I had a break later. On what occasion? Young pregnancy and… a difficult
period in life. An unhappy marriage. Then everything collapsed in a crack.
And now I wish to be back to profession. I could be a cutter or a designer.
Just hire me and you’ll see. I’ve made some inquiries, Zoya. You were married to a drug addict and you
abandoned your baby in the maternity home. So, all your merits are worthless. I’m not well. I feel dizzy. Shall I call a doctor? Don’t. Yes, call him. Jesus! Anton… What? The kid. I’m tired of him.
You understand me? Tired. Vanie… That’s okay. Come. Come. Ivan, please explain us what’s going on?
We took you from the orphanage and now doing everything so
that you could feel well and you… Look around, you have toys, a bike, a car… What else shall we do to win your love? Show them. Don’t be afraid of. I’m drawing a picture for you.
And want to show it to you. According to the law, it’s not her child. She abandoned him back at the maternity
home and signed all the papers. She gave birth to him. Gave birth! He’s her replica, you should see him.
Please understand, his manners, his moves are just like hers.
Everything. He’s as good at drawing as her.
And you are telling he’s hot her son. Manners and moves they are acting
technique, nothing but emotions. You were an actor and you should know this. An actor… Does it really matter? We’re humans, aren’t we?
It’s natural that we show emotions. But Mr. Actor you emotions
are inappropriate here. The court doesn’t consider emotions. The court decides whether the issue is
lawful or not. Do you understand? Crap. What did you say? I say it’s clear. So, if late time is not a problem for you… No, it isn’t. Do you have children? Yes. Eh… I mean, no I don’t. All right. You can start tomorrow. See you. Thank you! Ouch, I’m sorry. Will you watch your step? Hallo? Hallo? Do you love me? Of course I do. Why? Where were you the night you spent out? Eh? At my lover’s. – Really?
– Yes. A woman’s just called.
When I answered she hanged up. Was it her? If hanged up, what makes you
think that was a woman? Did you spend the night at hers? No. I spent the night at a hotel.
Do you not trust me? I just was too angry with Vania then. Rita… Antie, wait… May we? Good night, uncle Anton.
Good night Aunt Rita. Excuse me for disappointing you today.
It won’t going to happen again. Good boy. You should obey what you’re told.
We do care for you. Good night. Good night. Good night. Here. Look here. “If a child has parents,
their consent to the adoption is a compulsory condition
for the child’s adoption.” Yeah, and here we have: “If a mother has relinquished
her parental rights… You know, even if I have no chance at all,
I will still struggle for him. Here I am! Anton, you could go with us, to support
me during the shooting, will you? Rita, you know, I’m very busy.
Vania and I will come later. All right, Vanie, enjoy. Hurry up. We should go. Yeah, we go. Yeroveyeva, come and sign this. A moment. Here. Nikolay Andreyevich… What? I need to formalize my job.
I’d like to have an employment record. You do know how the management’s
attitude towards things like this. Nikolay Andreyevich, please,
will you talk to them. Please. All right, I’ll ask them. Thank you so much! – Hi.
– Hi. Vania, meet aunt Larisa. – You’re Vania?
– I am. And I’m Larisa. Go in. The house is ours for today. Why did you bring the kid? Actually, he’s my son now. Hey, are you coming? “A solitary geriatric home… SON: You’ll have a good care.
I’m sure you will like it here. Farewell. He gets in the car and leaves… She desponds, with the look
of a broken-hearted mother. The car speeds away.
MOTHER: God bless you, son.” Bullshit… I don’t feel enough having son. I don’t even remember about him.
Maybe, I’m not ready to be mother yet? Ritie, are you rehearsing or asking? Stating. See, they did agree to change
the age of your character. You’ll be filmed in a new movie
starting from tomorrow. Am I supposed to work on the weekend? Nope. Don’t worry. What if he were my own child I?
Would I forget about him? I think you just need more time.
To get accustomed. You both. He… He’s strange to me, you see? And he even smells strange. Well, Rita, I don’t know.
You should pay more attention to him. All’s going to be okay. Aha! No escape, no escape!… Gotcha! Okay, okay… I give up. Come, sweetie. It’s so great out here! Vanie, go and book seats. The best ones. Aha. Wow! Nice boy. He’s quite adult. I can see now why
this old bag has adopted him. But I cannot see why do YOU need this? You could have your own children. Your own. Hey! I fell like shashlik! May I? Of course. And they would call you “dad”. Oh!.. I feel like shashlik too! Now go! That’s hot fair… Come on, faster, faster!.. I’ll be right back. That’s it. I can’t have it anymore. Let’s hide it. Take some dill and cover it. Yes, Rita? Anything up? Antie, you don’t call me at all.
I’m missing you badly. Are you busy? Yeah. You know I am. Simultaneously
spending time with Vania. He needs it. I’m having a day off soon.
Will you come for me? Well, I’m not sure. Maybe. If I’m not busy. I feel sad without you beside. All right, I see. Bye, see you. Vanie, do you know your biological mother? Aha. She will come to take me away soon. How? How do you know it? The adults always need some papers.
So, she’s collecting them. And she’ll come for me once she has. Mother Rita sends you her greeting. Thanks. You lose. That’s not fair. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. – Zoycha!
– Oh, hi. Zoycha, I’ve got it.
I’ve found. Look. Look here. Here. According to the law,
“The adopters must see the child in person and visit him/her
during a month at least…” You see? A month. «…and the court shall
examine the circumstances of the visiting…” The rest doesn’t matter. So what? What? Our Vania was adopted fast.
Too fast. Suspiciously fast. It’s a clue. One couldn’t have established
a proper contact with a kid during such short time.
Absolutely couldn’t. Know what it means? Eh?
The adoption was illegal! And I will be proving this in court.
And I’ll prove it. I’ll prove that our Vania was
adopted illegally. Illegally! You promised to stop drinking. Why don’t you leave your old bag? Will you not stick your nose in this, okay? One might figure you’re her dependent.
What other reason could there be? I love her. This reason
is good enough for you? What one could love her for? Everything. She’s helped me to become
what I am now. Is it clear? I go to see Vania. I’ll be right back. Why you’re up? Just a second. Mom Rita’s called. She sent her greetings. Thank you. Here. Wow. Well done. You know, Vanie, don’t tell Mom Rita where
and who we’re spending time with? Okay? Or she’s going to be upset… Okay? Okay. She’s really good.
And I love her very much. By the way, I was raised
in the orphanage too. Just like you. Really? Yep. I could only dream of the mother
like Rita. So, you’re lucky indeed, Vanie. Now close your eyes and go to sleep. Do it. Come on, close your eyes. Sweet dreams. Dad, don’t leave me. I’m scared. Please. Okay. Thank you. You can turn off the light then. Cut! Done! Thank you all!
Shooting done! We’re finished. Ritie, you’re excellent, just as usual. Oh thank you. – Just brilliant!
– Thank you. And when this film’s going to be released? I don’t know. Maybe,
I’d better not watch it. Why? Ah, Galia, when I review the footage
I feel so depressed. Off with it. So, how are you doing here? All’s perfect. Where’s Anton? We are playing. Playing? Yes, with Vania. Oh, I’ve overworked to forget about Vania. You know, Anton Nikolayevich
made good friends with Vanie. Fine. And where’s he? Playing. I mean Anton. Where’s Anton? Anton Alekseyevich is at work. Oh dear! Oh dear! You scare me. You do. Galia, do we still have unopened gifts? Yes, in the closet. – Could you fetch?
– All of them? No, one and right now please. Right. Come here. I missed you so much. Come here. You know uncle Anton
and I were out in the country! Really? We ate shasliks and shot
from the crossbows. You did? And he allowed me to take
a shot from the crossbow. And I hit the mark, can you imagine that? Good boy! Here. This is for you. Like it? Cool! We had really wonderful time out there. The countryside, the fresh air… You should see how he ate the shashlik! You know, one should play
with the child, interact with him… There should be no problems then. Why didn’t you come to see me?
You promised. You know, I was too busy. Come here, my love. You’re good boy indeed. You know, I’ve got a couple of documents
to prepare for tomorrow. So, go to bed without me, okay?
I’ll come soon. I see. Vanie, eat please. Good morning. Good morning.
Did Anton say where he was going? The office, on a business. And did he say when he would be back? He didn’t want to wake you.
He told he’d get in touch. Vania, will you stop pecking in your plate.
Just eat the porridge. I don’t want it. Eat it, I say. Nope! Vania! Come here! Why don’t you obey, eh?!
If I tell you “eat”, then you must eat! I don’t want to! Hallo? Good afternoon, Margarita Sergeyevna.
I’m from Shemetenko & Partners Studio. Yes, I’ve read your script. Aha.
And to be frank, it’s bullshit. But Margarita Sergeyevna,
we haven’t negotiated the fee yet. You know, I’m not interested in money. I just don’t want to be filmed in this.
That’s it. Of course, we understand it’s rubbish, but if you refuse then the movie itself
and the money will be wasted. Everything will be wasted. Well, investing in movies
needs skill too, you know. Margariga Sergeyevna,
you do understand that only you are able to raise
this material to the proper level. All right. You have my consent. That’s the way it’s done? Thank you. “Look, Mom, you know,
I’ve learnt how to make a duck.” Strike right when it bites.
Got it? I’ll be back soon. Right. I see. Antie… What? You’re going to make a good father. Thank you. Thank you. Look, why should you nurse the boy? He’s
not your son. Want me to bear one for you? We’ve already talked about this,
haven’t we? You haven’t responded. Uncle Anton, it bites! Pull it! Yes, pull it! Anton! What if I say I’m pregnant? We both know it’s impossible. Nevertheless, what if I get pregnant?
What then? You’ll make an abortion. Vanie, I’m coming. We’ll catch it.
Coming. Give it to me. I hoped we could make it. My husband, me and Vania.
Hoped we would make a family. But I can’t! I can’t,
do you understand me?! Maybe I shouldn’t have really needed it.
Forgive me for God’s sake. You have full parental rights now, and you
can relinquish them in a regular procedure. The main thing is to provide
solid grounds to the tribunal. What grounds? I failed to be mother?
These grounds? How will the public react?
I’m a public person, am I not? Do you know something
about the boy’s parents? Nothing of his father.
His mother was an alcoholic. Very good. Failure to reach understanding
due to kid’s personal qualities. Is there such a provision in the laws? If the court recognizes
the boy socially dangerous due to his genetic predisposition
mentally disabled the boy then will need to be isolated
at a special facility. Are you going to declare him
mentally disabled? Defective? But if it’s needed for the cause…
You pay me, not him. So, shall we launch the right
relinquishing case? I need time to think it over. Lara! Hi sweetie! You could have
called before. What’s up? I believe I was good enough
as a loving mother. Anyway, the shooting is over, and we’re
waiting for the audience’s response. And now I’m working on a new role.
It would be a young and independent woman. I have just started,
so it’s nothing to talk about yet. Thank you, Ritie. I’m tired. Well, actually… YOU are responsible
for my present situation. What situation? What are you talking about? The boy. I should probably relinquish him. He’s ruining my usual way of life. I even first look in a room
before entering in case he’s there. Anton spends a lot of time with him now. He would come to the shoot locations
every day to pick me up before, and now… It can’t be that things are that bad.
There should be advantages too. I don’t know. Probably, this kid really
has a bad heredity. Probably… Probably, he’s really socially dangerous.
And destroys everything around him. Rita, the kid’s got his own
room now, plenty of toys… So, he’s flown off the handle. You see, to be fully frank, it’s not him. He needs a mother, not a pile of toys. And I can no longer be his mother.
I cannot. Wow! If it goes public,
you will not be blamed. You will be stoned. I’ve spent three years on him. Three years! He promised me to abandon his
old tab every single day, you see? He’d put this off from day to day,
saying nothing neither yes nor no. Yeah, you’ve spent three years. What now? And now they have a child. Adopted one. And they
obviously aren’t going to divorce. I offered to bear a son for him. And what did he say? His own. And he refused. Lara, sweetheart… I have dignity too. Larie, we should be thankful to Anton
for this house at least. Or we’d still have been living in a slum. God gracious! I’ve already worked off
three houses nowz, Mom! Don’t. Don’t be so sad.
You’ll find another man. Thank god, you’re still young. By the way, Kolia is still single. Great! Thanks. Many thanks for Kolia. Mom… What? Did Anton leave the key to the safe? No, he didn’t. Why? Lara, Larie… What?
Lara, what are you doing? Sop that. This money isn’t ours.
Lara, it’s wrong. Mom! He’d been using me and now abandoned. You saying it’s right?
How would you call this? “Great”?! Stop that, please. Calm down. It’s just wonderful! Yes, it’s a scandal. A scandal? It’s a sensation. A big stir! The point is what magazine
will be the first to publish it. Well, and the proof
this confession is real? And a record of it. All’s fair. All right. Knocked me down. The money. See you, Vova. Knock-knock. Kolia. Hi. What? Larisa? Yep. Hi, eh… What brought you here? Doesn’t matter. You haven’t changed. You too. Wow! Yours? Oh no. Mine’s this one. It’s a job. And how the door opens? Press here. Here? Right… Well, eh… You here for long? Hope not. Vanie, packed up? Aha. Took everything? Yep. All right. Yes? Hi. You mad at me? Not at all. I’m glad. I apologize. Go to hell. Look, there’s some of my staff
left at your mothers. Come and take it. Or you’re feeling shame? Okay, stop it. Okay, I’ll drop in tonight. Bye. Hi. Look, Lara, we’ve been getting on
well all the time, haven’t we? You had no want for anything.
Let it be as it is. Give me the keys. Ah, you’ve prepared, as I see. I have. The keys. Lara! Kola, Anton! Stop that!
Are you mad? Kolia! Anton! Stop that! Kolia! Don’t!! No. This way! It’s police. Can I help you? Police? Yes. Speak up, ma’am? I have just killed a man. What did you say? I have killed a man. Stop!!! Good afternoon. Ahead of time. Yes, ahead of time. I just missed home. I will be lying on the sofa idle
all week long. And where’s Anton? Anton Alekseyevich and Vania left
for fishing a couple of days ago, and are still out. I see. O my God! Vania! Are you okay? Vania, I repeat, why have you run away? What happened, Vania?
Say something. We should call the police. Just wait you.
We’ll sort it out on our own. Bon appétit. No need to hurry.
Enjoy your meal. Eat, son. Hallo? Anton? No. It’s from the orphanage. Ah, yes. Excuse me. It’s about Vania. Yes? The point is that Vania is
at the orphanage now. You see, he came to us,
dirty and hungry. He refuses to talk. O my God! How? Yes, he just came to us. He was with my husband. Where’s Anton?
Is Anton with him now? No, he isn’t. What’s going on? Come in,
please. Hallo? What should we do with Vania? Margarita Sergeyevna, it’s… Are you Margarita Rudneva? I am. You need to come with us. What happened? The point is that your husband,
Mr. Anton Rozhkov, is dead. O my God! Call the ambulance! Mararita Sergeyevna, are you okay? I’m faster! I’m faster, I’m faster! I’m a real actress. And now, ladies and gentleman,
famous star Margarita! Your applause, applause! I’m Queen Margarita! Applause, applause! Rita! Honey, come home! Ritie! Come home! Zoya, I’m not sure whether it’s good
or bad, but it might help you. Ritie, are you okay? Honey, we should hang on. Life must go on. Liuba, please… Pay Anton the last tribute.
I’m too weak to stand it. I understand… Please, don’t worry. Is Margarita Sergeyevna here?
How are you feeling? Much better, thank you. Feel dizzy? I’m not. Hallucinations? Not anymore. That’s good. Doctor, is there something wrong with me? No, you are all right. We just need to make
additional examination, ultra sounding. And you shouldn’t worry.
Rest is clue to recovery. Come. I’ll be right back. Doctor, it you will excuse me: this
additional examination, what is it for? We’re making the examination to see
the full picture. That’s all I can say. For God’s sake, all these visions,
hallucinations Rita had do you think it’s really serious? When Margarita Sergeyevna was brought
to our hospital, she saw Anton everywhere. She’s a very sensitive person, so losing
a husband in addition to the confession she had would be a great stress
even for a strong woman. Excuse me, what confession
are you talking about? You’ll find it in the press. Thank you. Excuse me. Misha, come to Gorkogo Street.
It’s urgent. I’ll be waiting you there. Liuba, hi. I’m very sorry. How’s she? Perfect. It’s great. Where’s her ward? You are not allowed there. Meaning? Came to sniff out? I know she’s your close friend,
but you probably shouldn’t say so. Is this your job? Ah, no. It’s our competitors’. I read in your eyes it’s yours.
A familiar hand is telling. Get out of here, got it? And never ever
come into my sight. Hear me? Never. I see. She would have been forgotten,
if it weren’t for me. Is this clear? She is remembered only due to my article.
And this is your gratitude? – Misha! Can you imagine?
– Zoycha! What happened? – She’s relinquished him.
– Who? She wrote she didn’t want him anymore. Ah, that was Volodia.
I knew he was recording our talk. Perhaps, I even wanted him to. Better this way compared to lying
and pretending before the kid. I thought I would feel better
once I share it. And words proved to be unable
to ease conscience. Something needs to be done. Ritie, doing is not what you need now.
Just stay in bed and recover. We’re having a pre-release screening soon. You need to be present there,
and it’s a must. Right? Liuba, will you call the orphanage. Let them keep Vania for a while more. “The boy has a really bad heredity,
and I cannot bring him up anymore.” That’s her words. Wait a moment. “He needs a mother,
and I cannot be his mother.” See? SHE is the boy’s mother.
And she wants to be one with all her heart. Well… This statement is serious.
I can launch the adoption case now. And Zoycha… I mean Zoya will restore
in her parental rights? Will she? Yet the magazine
is not an official document. How? She clearly says
she relinquishes the boy. Margarita Rudneva must
relinquish him officially. Margarita Sergeyevna,
do your unexpected tiredness and fits of depressions come suddenly? They do. Pain in joints? Why are you asking?
It’s natural for my age. Margarita Sergeyevna,
these are bad symptoms. If you had come
with this two years earlier. The process is irreversible now. Doctor, can you be more precise?
Don’t worry, and tell me the truth. The worst things to bear
are behind me already. It’s hepatitis C.
In other words liver cancer. Due its ability to disguise
itself as other diseases it’s called “gentle killer”. And? Can anything be done? The disease is classified as incurable.
Nevertheless, we try to do the surgery. And we will start immediately in case
you agree. But I can guarantee nothing. What if I refuse? Maybe a month. Maybe five years.
No one knows. I see. I’ll let you know of my decision. Margarita Sergeyevna,
I’ll be waiting for your call. Good bye. And now you’re watching HIGH RUMORS The breaking news of the week.
Boy Vania has come back to the orphanage. He was recently adopted by famous
movie star Margariga Rudneva. Leave it. Turn the sound up. I need to know what people think about me. “A pre–release of the movie where
the actress featured the touching character of a loving mother
who sacrificed everything for his son’s happiness
will take place tonight. Heroine’s son succeeds in life,
but leaves his mother in a geriatric home and soon forgets her.” “And what happened
in the actress’s real life? In her real life the actress adopted
a boy from the orphanage and soon returned him
as reject to the shop. Though, the orphanage
management confirms the fact of the boy’s return, we talked…
It’s the orphanage headmaster. I’ll talk to him. It’s concerning Vania.
Journalists visited us. We don’t know what to answer
to their questions. Tell them it’s none of their business. Yes, but… but…
we’re responsible for the boy in fact, while Margarira Sergeyevna is responsible
for him at law. Look, mister, Margarita Sergeyevna
cannot take the boy back now. Don’t you understand her situation? Yes, but… We’ll get in touch with you. That’s it. I… All my life I devoted to you, son.
And now you leave me alone. Not alone, Mom. You’ll have a good care. I’m almost sure
you will like it here. That’s it. I’ve got many things to do. Bye now. It’s going to be all right. God bless you, son. Come, ma’am. Thank you. Mrs. Rudneva, do the roles you
played somehow affect your life? Margarita Sergeyevna, Margarita Sergeyevna… Where’s your son? Make way, make way, please. Margarita, could you share the experience
of returning the boy to the orphanage? Isn’t your conscience worrying you?
Or you just don’t have one? Why not? It is. This is why I haven’t taken
the boy back from the orphanage. The point is that he’ll feel
more comfortable there than with me. It would be unfair to keep the child
beside me only for self-promotion, as a former friend would advise me. A short time with this boy helped me
understand myself mach better than all my years that passed and… I’ll do more good to the boy
by leaving him at the orphanage. To him and to another person.
His physical mother. I’m very glad she’ll be able to reunion
with the boy at last. Are you saying you adopted
the boy for self-promotion? That’s it. Thank you. Make way please!
Let us pass! Make way. How much? How much did it cost?
Mrs. Rudneva… Do you relinquish the child? Yes, I relinquish him. My lawyer will prepare
all required documents. Are you not ashamed?
Do you know who you are? You’re selfish person! Forgive me. That bitch! Boys, line up at the door! Careful! We are going to adopt the boy
abandoned by the movie star. Yes. Here’s our Vania. Vania, meet Yelena Anatolyevna
and Aleksandr Eduardovich. Vanie, I hope we’ll make friends. He’s drawing all the time. It’s so good.
Vanie, will you show what you have drawn. It’s my mom Zoya. Stop bringing
me strange moms. Is it clear? Well, thank you for your work. Thank you. Farewell. I’ll see you off. No. No. No. She’s the best to fit the character. Yes, but we cannot chose her. Why? Because she’s got a negative image. Oh, come on! Who’s reading all these
magazines? Five percent of the audience? Katia, five percent means 100,000 viewers.
Now multiply it by 3 dollars, the price of a ticket. This makes 300.000
in total. We cannot risk that. Come in. Good afternoon. Good afternoon. Vania’s not here. I know. I need you to sign the official
waiver of my son. I have already signed all papers.
My lawyer is dealing wit that. Really? Thank you. Yes. Can I help you? No, thanks. Good bye. Wait. I’ll be right back. Just wait please. Here, take this. Yes, we received. Really nice construction
set. But Vania likes to draw. I remember. I do. He always runs short of colors
and paper. You should remember this. I’ll bear in mind that. Know what? Forget this phone number
and Vania being with you. Another family is adopting him. I understand. It’s his mother. It’s not. A normal family.
His mother’s living space doesn’t meet the adoption requirements. Farewell. The taxi’s already there. Come. Come. Liuba, will you wait to meet
the new owners? I will. Of course. Rita, perhaps,
you should stay, eh? Never mind. They’ll have
some more talks and soon shut up. No, Liuba. I’ve set up my mind. Rita, I talked to your doctor.
Why did you refuse the treatment? You need to use every opportunity now,
but you’re running. Think twice. If you’re in lack of money, tell me.
I’ll surely figure out something. No, Liuba, I’m not.
I’ve decided. I wish that. Rita, do you realize what you’re doing?
Are you aware of it? Better then ever. I don’t say farewell. I’ll be visiting you. Right. Thank you. Bye now. Yes, Margarita Sergeyevna. All right, I’ll find it out
and let you know. Good afternoon. Good afternoon. Afternoon. – Good afternoon.
– Thank you. Good luck. We’ve put things in order out there…
Since you mother died… Yes… Nobody lives in there… And a house is supposed to be lived in.
Are you here for long? Or for a while? Forever. – Hallo?
– Speak. Good afternoon. Is it Aleksandr Petrovich? – Yes.
– It’s Margarita Rudneva. – Margarita Sergeyevna. Can I help you?
– Yes. You know, I’ve carefully
weighed what you told me. And? I’m not going to have a surgery. It’s up to you, of course,
but I would anyway advise… No, thank you. I’ve made up my mind. Hang on. Good luck. Thank you. Rita, take a rest for a couple of weeks
and come back. And we come to grips
with your health issues. My parents always wanted
me to live with them. But they realized it was impossible. I sent them money and promised
every time: “I’ll come to see you…” I did. On the day of my dad’s funeral. Mom died the next morning. I was ungrateful daughter. I didn’t succeed in the role of a mother. And was robbed of the role of wife. Perhaps, I will succeed
in the role of a hermit. Eh? – Good afternoon. You…
– Good afternoon. You wanted to see us? Come in, come in. – Good afternoon.
– Take a seat. Thank you. So… Well, I’ve been authorized
to hand this to you. What is it? Papers for the apartment. In the name of Zoya Yerofeyeva
and Ivan Yerofeyev. Take it please. It’s some kind of mistake. Misha? Well, you can consider this a gift
from a stranger. I have prepared the papers too. And we can go for Vania right now. Rita! You’re great! – Kids should be cherished.
– I see. They are like flowers. Aha.
They should be treated lovingly. Good afternoon, Tanyana Yuryevna. I don’t get it, Yerofeyeva,
I forbad you to come, didn’t I? Wait a second. I’m here to represent
the state authorities and observe the letter of the law.
We’ve got the papers to adopt the boy. – What papers?
– Take a look. Where’s Vania? Zoya… At the playground. Thank you. Zoya! Zoya! Zoya! I’ve always liked you. Been always
showing sort of sympathy, haven’t I? Vania! Yerofeyev? Look who’s here to see you! – Vanie, honey!
– Mom! Mom, Mommy!
I’ve been missing you so much! Me too! Mom, what took you so long? I came for you. Mommy. My dearest. Hi, Vania. Vanie, will you remember me? I won’t. Mom… Come. Come. Mommy, I love you so much! Me too. Now, you’ve seen this. I have. Want to check the apartment too? No, thank you. Anything you wish, Margarita Sergeyevna. Take me home, please. Of course. – Good afternoon.
– Good afternoon. We wanted to thank you.
You did so much good to us. And Misha sends you his regards.
He asked you to forgive him. I already have. I wish you forgave me. Vania, say thanks to Rita Sergeyevna.
Vania… No need. Don’t push him.
He doesn’t have to. Thank you for coming. – Good bye.
– Farewell. Here. That’s what he told me. Rita + Anton=Love

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  9. Стар медиа дерзай да правды жизни нынче больше и ты старинка не забудь и жизнь трактуй простей и проще а гоогэл пдюс поставим пять во всю орать там можем но только с матом осторожней и редко ты его встречай и пошлость слова убирай с дороги .а фильм хорош актеры тоже судьба героев нам близка больничные палаты наши изредко богаты ,исключене одно врачи-дантисты те жируют хлеб воруют без затей пора кино про жизнь дантиа нам поставить с разных точек обзрев любовь их и возможно каплю секс детей не извращая не податьпустышеу и мартышку с попугаем повторяя все подрят как во ужасных сериалах ныне мы право не в Харбине вне гордыни не в присмотре и вытерли давно уж сопли нашей раньше Украине нам не нужна её война всем доброго утра желаю свой комментарий отправляя

  10. Прекрасный фильм. Нежный и одновременно суровый, с хорошо подобранной музыкой. Цепляет… Невозможно оторваться, смотришь на одном дыхании. Подкупает честность Риты, её открытость. Верится, что и с болезнью она обязательно справится… Спасибо создателям фильма. Благодарю. ) 

  11. пока петух извините не клюнет,пока человек не будет смертельно болен,пока не потеряет самое близкое,хрен он оценит по настоящему все то что надо было раньше ценить.!
    но Рита достоина уважения огромного

  12. Спасибо всем! Отличный фильм!! Не сериал!!!! Рената:)!!! Отличная работа!! Спасибо каналу за возможность!!! Рекомендую смотреть!

  13. Риту можно спасти,но она выбраласмерть ради мужа.😢😢😢😯Замечательный фильм

  14. фильм замечательный,хоть в конце и сказка конечно….

  15. знову грають українські актори.В знак подяки росіяни напали на їх Батьківщину

  16. Рита, это прототип актрисы Евдокии Германовой,, которая усыновила мальчика, потом отказалась?

  17. Хороший фильм👌. Посмотрела с удовольствием, до слез. Благодарность создателям!

  18. Урок в том что надо произвести на свет детей, а то в старости будешь сам. 🤔

  19. Последняя роль Рити просто чудесное кино мне очень понравилось

  20. Соломуон аман өһө Библия тылбааһын Института Моссква2016.тылбааһа Сарргылаана Леонтьева Консультант Дэвид Утары Редактор Рая Сибирякова

  21. Уильям Йонт созданы,чтобы учиться введение впедагогическую психологию Переводчик О.Рыбакова Редактор ГВ Яковлева КорректорА.Х.Солтапева стр 371.ББК 86376 И 75"Бибилия всех" Санкт Петербург 2001г

  22. Ольга Сумская ты необыкновенно красивая просто нет слов

  23. почему нельзя было позвонить и предупредить, что задерживаемся в очереди. и что за трагедия, что на выходные не взяли ребенка? зачем клятвенно обещать, если еще документы не готовы?

  24. Ну почему все любят пить?И днём и ночью,и за это здравие и за упокой.Почему русские так любят выпить?Ладно бы мужики,Женщины пьют да ещё и курят.Я была в шоке когда увидела в Москве курящих женщин.В моем городе никогда этого не увидите.Женщина-мать и сигарета со стаканом.

  25. До чего Сумская неприятная в этой роли. Рожу кривит, вроде плачет, а ни одной слезинки. Уж взяла бы да намочила водой лицо, а то смотреть неприятно, да и играет абы как. Фуууууууууууу…

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